November 2018

Reaching new heights in the Dolomites


Photo by Charles Pates

The Garnet Hill photography crew didn’t have the time (or the invite) to mingle with the international jet-set while shooting the winter collection in the Dolomites, but we recognized their destination: the glamorous resort village Cortina d’Ampezzo, two hours from Venice.

You might, too, if you watched the original 1963 Pink Panther film. David Niven’s character, the notorious Sir Charles Lytton, skied the slopes here while a guest at the village’s aristocratic Cristallo Hotel. Travel guides call it “the diamond of the Dolomites.” The Bond film For Your Eyes Only was filmed at another gem of a resort nearby: the Miramonte Majestic Grand

The 1956 Winter Olympics were held in Cortina d’Ampezzo. Hemingway wrote the short story “Out of Season” here. Sinatra hung out here.

Photo by Charles Pates

Us? We were in pursuit of a photo op. And it seems to us that the Italian Alps are to backdrops what Garnet Hill cashmere is to sweaters – bellissimo!

You’re welcome to download photography from our various trips for your desktop photos. You can also see more of the photography we brought back from this journey in our Winter ‘18 catalog – which you can subscribe to.

And if you do, we’ll be on the case like Inspector Clouseau.

Photo by Charles Pates

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