September 2018

4 layering tips to transition from summer into fall

Can you feel that familiar bite in the air? Autumn is finally here and we are eagerly beginning to prep our wardrobes for the change in season. In other words, we’re packing away some of our summer essentials while holding onto a few of lighter pieces to pair with our favorite sweaters and cardigans. We love the concept of seasonless dressing so we teamed up with Kristen Uekermann of “The Boston Fashionista” to give us some ideas for how we can step up our layering game this season.

Dahlias are blooming, edges of tree leaves are showing color and the sun is setting before 7:00pm. Welcome back, Fall! It’s time to unpack your sweaters and think about autumn outfit essentials, otherwise known as layers, layers and more layers.

Notice I said “layers”, not “piling on clothes”? Here are a few simple tricks to layer your outfit comfortably and stylishly.

  1. Start with a soft top in a neutral color (or an easy stripe). You’ll want something lightweight and breathable against your skin, like an organic cotton button down, or a silk camisole.
  2. Add cashmere! Cashmere is a miracle fiber in terms of temperature adaptability, thanks to the high moisture content of the wool. A quality cashmere sweater will keep cool while running to catch your train, and warm when you’re enjoying the cool breezes at sunset from your balcony or backyard.
  3. Everything looks more intentional with a jacket. Again, stick with breathable fabrics like organic-cotton twill or denim. You want your jacket fitted, but not tight – give yourself enough room to button your jacket up the front and roll up your sleeves.
  4. Top off your look with accessories. Cashmere wraps are so versatile – wear them as a scarf, or toss them on as a wrap if you want a bit of coverage but it’s too warm for a jacket. Add some fun shoes or sparkly jewels, and you’re ready to go!

We want to hear about your Autumn layering lessons! Comment below with your favorite tips and tricks.

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