August 2018

Meet our friend Kate Singer, a design partner for the 2018 Hampton Designer Showhouse

Garnet Hill at the 2018 Hampton Designer Showhouse, in Bridgehampton, NY

Each year in the Hamptons, some of the area’s most influential home designers are invited to furnish and decorate a luxury showhouse to benefit a charity. The 2018 Hampton Designer Showhouse, in Bridgehampton, New York, is presented by Traditional Home in support of the Stony Brook Southampton Hospital.

We were thrilled to partner with designer Kate Singer for this event. She incorporated many of her favorite pieces from our Fall collection into a serene and luxurious bedroom for the home.

We loved what she did with the space, and recently caught up with Kate for a chat to learn more about her inspiration and design philosophy.   

Does your work have a signature look? What are iconic elements that put your mark on the rooms you design?

I think my signature look is one of soft, serene and truly livable rooms — perhaps a bit understated but hopefully always gracious & nurturing. I’m always looking to nature for inspiration, so organic, natural tones & textures are my go-tos. Which is why I love incorporating Garnet Hill bedding & furnishings. They live up to their “beautiful naturally” reputation!

Garnet Hill at the 2018 Hampton Designer Showhouse, in Bridgehampton, NY

How was your design aesthetic incorporated into the bedroom you created for the showhouse? 

The soft color palette of white & linen tones & pale pink with a surprise burst of color in the art is indicative of my signature style, I think. The linens, raw silks & combed-cotton sateens I featured support my obsession with natural organic textiles.

How did Garnet Hill textiles and accessories fit into your vision for the space? What pieces did you select and why were they chosen?

The first item I selected was the incredible LaSalle Canopy Bed! I had a tear sheet in my inspiration file to show a client, so it was a natural choice when invited to create this bedroom for the showhouse. I added the soft pink ombre fabric panels for a bit more drama & an elegant look & feel.

The Eileen Fisher Baby Alpaca Throws & Senegal Baskets, the Rush Barrel Baskets & of course, linen, cotton & silk bedding, especially “Waves” from the Eileen Fisher Collection – all supported my vision for this guest suite so beautifully. And I love the Lostine Bloak Ladder as a useful & beautiful focal point in this room.

Garnet Hill at the 2018 Hampton Designer Showhouse, in Bridgehampton, NY

What are your favorite parts of this room and why do you they resonate with you?  

That bed! The combination of iron & soft linen upholstery is so unique. The ability to drape it with a gorgeous textile in my favorite tone of pink was too tempting to resist. And all the bedding — items you can see & the European down fills & pillows you can’t see — are just so incredible & luxurious. 

The pale pink color palette is so fresh for this space. Please tell us more about how you approached color in this room.

For as long as I have had a favorite color, it has been pink! Soft pink…ballet slipper pink… The color of new ribbons on a fresh pair of pointe shoes (which I featured in a Senegal Basket in the room).

Garnet Hill at the 2018 Hampton Designer Showhouse, in Bridgehampton, NY

We love how inviting and restful this space feels. What are your top tips for creating a serene bedroom?

Surround yourself in luxury as much as you can! Which does not have to have a high price tag. Affordable luxury is everywhere, including Garnet Hill Bedding & Furnishings.

Put a lot of thought & effort into your bed & bedroom. Just think about how much time we spend there! We start & end each day in our beds. It is where we rest and recharge. It is worth a bit of a splurge. 

In this crazy, busy world we live in, having a serene sanctuary of one’s own — whatever that is to you — is a must for soothing the senses and nurturing the soul. Sweet dreams…

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