July 2018

Secrets to a more sustainable school year

Gearing up for back to school? If you’re looking to make this year your family’s most eco-friendly one yet, we have some tips to help you get started.

1. Look for clothing in organic Green Cotton or TENCEL® blends.

Eco-Friendly Children's Clothes: Girls' Organic Cotton Color-Wheel DressHarvested without chemical defoliants, and dyed and finished to minimize pollution, organic cotton from Green Cotton is not only organically grown, but also manufactured eco-mindedly through every step of the process. There are many ways to produce cotton if impact on the planet is ignored. But with Green Cotton, kids (and parents!) can feel great knowing the soft cotton they’re wearing is as gentle to the earth as possible.

Eco-Friendly Children's Clothes: What is TENCEL?

A strong, easy-care fabric, TENCEL is made of natural cellulose derived from sustainably harvested wood pulp from renewable tree farms. Introduced in 1991, this modern, eco-friendly fabric is also known as lyocell. Buttery-soft and smooth, it feels and looks great while also being highly absorbent and versatile.

2. Choose a backpack that feels good and does a little good too.

Eco-Friendly Children's Clothes: Backpacks Made from Recycled MaterialsBetter for kids and better for the planet, our Eco Backpacks are made using reclaimed plastic bottles (when you feel one, you’d never guess!). They’re just as durable as conventional backpacks while helping to keep trash out of landfills. The Eco Backpack Collection is also ergonomically designed, to help support a healthy back.

3. Upgrade their water bottles.

Eco-Friendly Children's Clothes: Reusable Water BottlesWater bottles are essential for school, but the single-use variety that gets tossed out at the end of the day doesn’t have to be. There are a lot of reusable options, but we prefer stainless steel to ensure water is free from contaminants like BPA. EarthLust Water Bottles are designed with an ever-changing selection of original, nature-inspired artwork that offers something for every kid.

4. Reduce, reuse, recycle (their lunch accessories).

Eco-Friendly Children's Clothes: U Konserve Eco Round Nesting Lunch ContainersParents everywhere know that lunch boxes are a huge source of disposable packaging. You can help eliminate that by investing in a set of reusable lunch accessories, like these from U Konserve. Their round containers save space by nesting together for easy storage. The rectangular container has a removable divider that lets you customize it to the lunch you’re serving that day.

5. Tuck your child in with organic cotton sleepwear and bedding.

When the day is done, there’s still more you can do. Choose soft organic cotton percale or flannel bedding for your child’s bed. You can both rest easy knowing that by choosing organic cotton, you’ve taken another step to lessen your footprint on the earth.

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