June 2018

Style 101: 10 ways to bring the comforts of home to a dorm room

Before you know it, it will be time for college students to start heading off to campus and back to the dorms. It’s never too early to start checking off items from their back-to-school shopping lists. The key to a homey dorm room or first apartment is to not skimp on quality, comfort, and great design. Here are some tips and picks for bringing all the comforts of home to the dorm.

TIP 1: Pack versatile bedding layers.

Dorm Room Essentials: Jersey-Knit Dorm BeddingIt might be hot when students head back to school. They’re usually quick to grab their fans, portable air conditioners, and lightest bedding layers, but remember, temperatures could shift before their first visit home, so make sure they have warmer layers when needed.


TIP 2: Better bedding basics = better sleep.

Dorm Room Essentials: Bedding BasicsCollege-issued mattresses are not the most comfortable, but they are ideal blank canvases for our bedding basics. Customize and enhance their comfort by adding a mattress pad or bed topper, a lofty comforter, and the right pillow — a great night’s sleep starts with the right foundation pieces.


  • 1-2 pillow(s) — we have styles to suit all types of sleepers. And don’t forget the pillow protectors to keep your pillows fresh and dust-mite free.
  • 1 mattress pad or bed topper — these designs instantly cover and enhance the comfort of an existing mattress.
  • 1 duvet/comforter — Always an option, if your student prefers to use a duvet cover to make laundering easier. Duvet covers are less bulky in the washer and you don’t need to wash the comforter every time.

TIP 3: When considering storage, think portable.

Dorm Room Essentials: Storage BasketsBulky hard-sided boxes and bins can be tricky to pack in tight spaces. Soft-sided, squishable storage options are great for corralling clutter and maximizing space. They not only look great and have grab-and-go handles, but they also fold flat and take up minimal space when not in use.


TIP 4: Our colorful, quality towels start the day bright.

Dorm Room Essentials: Bath TowelsTowels should be plush, absorbent, and generously sized to do the job — and a cheerful punch of color doesn’t hurt. Coordinate a couple sets of our mix-and-match bath sheets, towels, and facecloths to enhance your student’s daily routine. A signature color will make them easy to track if left in the bathroom.


TIP 5: The roll-and-go rug instantly dresses the space.

Dorm Room Essentials: Woven RugsAdd a little warmth to cold door-room floors with a woven rug. They’re soft, flexible, and they roll or fold for packing. We also offer beautiful indoor-outdoor styles that are easy to clean and can handle the wear and tear of high traffic.


TIP 6: Throw in a cozy throw to ward off the chill.

Dorm Room Essentials: Lofty Blankets and ThrowsStudy rooms and student lounges can be cool and drafty, so a cozy throw blanket is a useful, versatile piece for dorm living—and they are great for curling up and watching TV.


Many of our blankets are offered in throw size, but it you want luxurious sweater like feel, we recommend the Wool & Cashmere Throw or the Knit Cashmere Throw and Pillow Cover.

TIP 7: Portable furniture adds impact.

Dorm Room Essentials: Moroccan Leather PoufWhen decorating, a few strategically placed furniture pieces create a distinctive space that stands out from the crowd of cookie-cutter dorm rooms. It’s important to find unique designs that are compact and easy to pack, while suiting a purpose like extra seating or versatile tabletop surfaces.


The Moroccan Table is small yet sturdy with a durable stone top. A handcrafted Moroccan Leather Pouf is an easy seating solution for watching movies or hanging out with friends.

TIP 8: Ensure they have enough light to read and study.

Dorm Room Essentials: Table LampsOften, dorm lighting is not the best. Traditional overhead fluorescent lights can be harsh and strain eyes, so pack an extra lamp or two to illuminate your student’s dorm space.


For a distinctive look, try the modern sculptural lines of the Petula Table Lamp or the graceful frosted-glass curves of the Cityscape Table Lamp.

What other items is your student planning to bring to campus to make a comfy dorm room? Do you have any additional style tips or item suggestions?

For more inspiration for the home and dorm, explore our current collection of Bed & Bath and Rugs & Decor.

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