May 2018

Celebrating Mother’s Day and timeless style

We love the idea of multigenerational clothes – beautiful, timeless pieces that can be passed down from mother to daughter. To celebrate Mother’s Day, Brittany Bishop of Life of Charmings – along with her mother Stephanie and her daughter Maddalena – dressed up in their favorite multigenerational Garnet Hill pieces, all of which were made to last for years.

Every time I visit my grandparents’ 100-year-old home, I think about how absolutely timeless and beautiful the details are in that house. The craftsmanship has lasted over the decades! And now, it’s so much fun for me to get to see my little ones march their tiny feet into rooms that hold so much history. It’s a home that houses my grandparents’, my parents’, and even my own memories. Today, my babies get to make memories in it too. How special is that?

In the years that I’ve been wearing Garnet Hill clothing, I’ve noticed something similar – these garments are timeless in style; they’re for every generation; they’re beautifully crafted; and they’re made to last. That’s so hard to find these days and something I’ve really grown to appreciate. I love that my baby girl, my mom, and I can all sport similar, classic looks and head out for the day.

As Mother’s Day approaches, I’m especially thankful for my mother and all the beautiful women that came before her. Among many things, they’ve passed on to me an appreciation for strong values, hard work, and top quality. Today – in an age of instant gratification and mass-produced items – it’s important to me that I am able to teach these values to my own little lady, as she grows! It makes me so happy to know there are companies like Garnet Hill prioritizing timeless design and quality, so that we can treasure the clothing we purchase from generation to generation.

Thank you, Garnet Hill!

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