May 2018

Garnet Hill goes to Charleston, SC

There’s a reason travelers are charmed by this quaint town. From world-class restaurants offering a selection of the tastiest (and spiciest!) Southern food to winding alleyways and waterfront parks, “Chucktown” is a travel spot worthy of your bucket list.

But don’t take it from us. We partnered with two of our favorite bloggers to show the many reasons the Holy City is a vacation treasure.

“Sunset out on the harbor was so beautiful, with a cool breeze and gently lapping water.” – Lauren Wells

Blogger Lauren Wells on her Trip to Charleston, SC

“After arriving, we headed towards King Street to explore. The Beach Club offers a complimentary water taxi and shuttle, making it super easy to go back and forth. We grabbed breakfast at The Harbinger Cafe, then wandered down to the Marion Square Farmer’s Market. We then walked through the Historic Market, down to the water and Rainbow Row, and back up Meeting Street.”

To see more from Lauren Wells’ stay at The Beach Club in Charleston, read her blog post.

Blogger Megan Stokes of Holy City Chic on her Trip to Charleston, SC

“Everything about our stay at The Beach Club was wonderful, from the views to the service and everything in between. The pools (yes, pools) are amazing and will provide fun and relaxation for anyone, whether you’re traveling alone or with the whole family. We were pleasantly surprised to find the water is heated, which made jumping in feel amazing.”

The Beach Club in Charleston, SC

Visiting The Beach Club in Charleston, SC

“There are plenty of other things to do while at The Beach Club, like visit the Estuary Spa or eat at the Fish House, a delicious waterfront restaurant that’s neither stuffy nor too casual—and it has views for days. We ate surf & turf, fried shrimp, and the crab cakes… all were amazing.  We also ordered breakfast from The Fish House up to our room and it was perfect to enjoy while sitting on our balcony.” – Megan Stokes

Breakfast from The Fish House

Blogger Megan Stokes of Holy City Chic on her Trip to Charleston, SC

To read Megan Stokes’ recommendations for what to do in Charleston, read her blog post.

Garden in Charleston, SC

Whether it’s a day spent exploring the historic gardens and plantations, or lounging by the pool with a picnic lunch, Charleston has something for everybody.

2 responses to “Garnet Hill goes to Charleston, SC”

  1. Jody Green says:

    Please don’t call it Chucktown.

  2. Carol Frey says:

    I would love to go on a vacation….it has been a few years!

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