March 2018

What is a coir doormat?

Coir? Quoi?

Coir is fiber in the outer husk of a coconut. It’s naturally biodegradable, compostable, and mold- and mildew-resistant. If you like the look and sustainability of natural fibers, you’ll want to consider coir when doormat shopping.

Garnet Hill Coir Doormats

But there’s a catch.

Many coir doormats are machine-made and surprisingly thin – half an inch thick, sometimes less. They can slip underfoot. Manufacturers counteract this by adding a vinyl or rubber backing. And, well, there goes the sustainability. In addition to which, water from wet shoes becomes trapped by the backing. Soggy steps.

Well that’s not our coir – not by far.

We think ours are the best coir doormats because they’re a full inch thick, to stay planted. No backing needed.

And they’re still made by hand…

What is coir?

It all starts here.

What is coir? Ripe coconuts are harvested

Ripe coconuts are harvested.

What is coir? Coconut husks are separated from the nut

Husks are separated from the nut, then seasoned in lagoons.

What is coir? Coconut husk fibers

Fibers are separated from the husk and sorted. They are then spun by experienced hands to make coir yarn – a century-old technique.

What is coir? Coir yarn is spun by hand

Then woven on a hand loom.

What is coir? Coir yarn woven on a hand loom


And there it is! To see our collection of durable, eco-friendly coir doormats, walk this way…

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