February 2018

3 ways to layer dresses during the winter

One of the hardest parts of winter is packing up your favorite warm weather attire. But wait a minute – why does chilly weather mean the end of dresses and skirts? We chatted with style blogger Brianne Johanson on her favorite ways to style and layer her dresses, even during blustery winter months.

As a New Englander, I’m used to freezing cold weather and I try to not let the temps affect my love for dressing up. When the occasion (e.g., an important work meeting, family party or date night) calls for a dress, here are a few ways I style it during the winter months.


Matte, thick black tights and high boots are usually my first pick. I no longer wear nude hosiery – I’d much rather hold on until the weather is warm enough and then wear bare legs with booties and the dress. Until then, black or other darker-colored tights are what I wear most often. I also make sure to wear high wool socks on my feet for extra warmth.  It’s so much easier to wear a style like this Brianna Surplice Knit Dress (Wait, was this dress named after me? So close!) when it’s cold outside – the jersey knit fabric, classic, a-line cut and extra lining are super comfortable. I actually love to wear dresses like this in the winter versus a piece that’s tight and restricting. For this dress, if you want to add accessories, I’d go with earrings and bracelets or delicate, shorter necklaces, rather than a long chain necklace that may compete with the v-neck style. Grab a simple black coat and handbag before you head out the door and you’re good!

If I’m going somewhere fun and it’s not freezing outside, I’ll switch out my classic wool black coat for a leather jacket and will keep that on the entire time as part of my outfit. The leather over a more classic style dress makes the whole outfit look a little edgy.

For a different “skirt” look, I’ll pair a sweater over my dress, wear simple heels and grab a clutch. Just make sure to check the length of the sweater – cropped and waist-length should be fine but if the sweater is oversized and hits mid-thigh, it may not work with a traditional-length on a dress like this one.

Overall, wrap dresses like this one can easily work in the winter months, with a little creativity and layering.

14 responses to “3 ways to layer dresses during the winter”

  1. Marliss says:

    Wearing a camisole under the dress–a dressy one that will complement the dress–will keep you warmer, and also covers cleavage that might not be appropriate in a professional setting.

  2. Susan Blatz says:

    Very clever, thank you.

  3. Marge Lelwica says:

    I want this dress for my daughter—how do I order it?

  4. Jane Teeter says:

    Love all the looks. I am 66 yrs old and feel they are looks I can wear.

  5. Love these ideas. I take quite a few trips. It will be easy to minimize packing by just adding a few more pieces. What are the brands of the sweater & motor jacket?

  6. Joetta Yates says:

    I can’t wait to try a pullover sweater with my jersey dress!! Cute warm and comfy 😊

  7. Surprised there was no mention of a scarf. Living in the Northeast, I would not leave home without a scarf. I have a drawer full. Especially with a coat! How do you fill that space between your neck and the coat? Also,the scarf keeps the neck of your coat clean and free of makeup stains. I have a drawer full and in all materials: wool, mohair, silk, rayon, etc. In addition, I love the infinity scarf. Wore one all the way to New York City on the train and I was very warm. Have a few which I wear in summer. As the weather turns cool, I put on my scarf and tie it around my neck. Often takes the place of a sweater.

  8. Natalia says:

    Hi, What is the brand of the first black purse with the golden handles? Thanks

  9. Natalie says:

    Love this dress!!! Need! And I am soooo into being able to wear a dress now and later!!


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