January 2018

An award for the leader of Garnet Hill

Claire Spofford, Garnet Hill President and CEO
To borrow from our tagline, Claire Spofford is powerful, naturally.

NEW YORK MOVES MAGAZINE recently named Garnet Hill President and CEO Claire Spofford one of its 2017 Power Women.

The magazine nominates women who “lead by example, are accommodating and flexible by nature, yet strong and immovable on points of principle; always determined but always aware of circumstance.”

At the awards event in New York City, Claire said, “My friends and family are my power network. I have never, ever felt unable to do what I wanted to do in life. When you have the support network and know what you want to do, that’s all that matters.”

Those of us with the good fortune to work with her might not think of “power” first. We think of her as smart, persuasive, funny, an optimistic leader … as much a friend as a boss. Perhaps all those traits add up to being a powerful force in a thriving business.

“I think all women are power women,” Claire added that night. “Sometimes the power is just more quiet! Gender equality is something I have believed in my whole life. I think as long as the playing field is even, women will prevail as equals…”

Powerful stuff. Congrats, Claire!

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