January 2018

The seasonless layered bed in 3 easy steps

Layering is key to creating a comfy bed that spans the seasons. We create beautiful, versatile bedding designed to mix, match, and customize your warmth. To show you how to layer your bed in three easy steps, we used our popular all-cotton Dream Quilt mixed with Supima® cotton sheets.

1. Winter into early spring

Winter Into Early SpringA lofty down or down alternative comforter nestled inside a duvet cover takes center stage to keep you warm and toasty. Replace your throw at the foot of the bed with a full-sized quilt to provide an optional layer for the really cold nights.

LAYERING TIP: If you keep the thermostat set low or live in a cold climate, you can nestle a blanket between the flat sheet and duvet for even more warmth.

2. Spring into summer

Spring Into SummerAs temperatures start to warm, switch the layers, rotating the quilt to become the primary covering on the bed. Move the duvet to the foot of the bed to keep that pretty pop of print, and have it within reach in case temperatures suddenly drop. If you nestled a toasty blanket into the ensemble, you can remove it at this time.

LAYERING TIP: Some choose to have flannel sheets on the bed all year long, others switch to lighter sheets as it warms up. If you tend to get too warm at night, now is an ideal time to switch your flat sheet, fitted sheet, and pillowcases to a sateen, percale, or linen.

3. Summer into early fall

Summer Into Early FallAs the seasons heat up, you will want to shed more layers, while keeping the same put-together bedscape. We recommend removing the comforter dressed in the duvet cover, but keep the shams for that accent of the print. The quilt becomes the sole star of the show, keeping you comfy until the seasons shift again and that chill creeps back into the air.

LAYERING TIP: Feel free to top with a seasonal decorative pillow or a throw to give the bed more depth and texture. We recommend cashmere, because it’s a soft, refined knit and a great choice for all seasons.

For more decorating ideas and luxurious layers, visit our latest collection of bedding and home decor.

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