December 2017

Rare materials: the legendary painter Bruno Zupan

We source Garnet Hill flannel in Germany, leather in Italy, eco merino in New Zealand, flax for woven linen in France…and recently learned of an artist equally passionate about the international pursuit of artisanal materials: Bruno Zupan.

Painter Bruno Zupan painting in paradise

Bruno Zupan painting in paradise

Zupan was born in Slovenia, studied in Croatia, emigrated to Paris, and became a U.S. citizen. He paints chiefly en plein air, most often in Mallorca, Venice, and Paris.

His works are found in the public collections at the Library of Congress, the United Nations headquarters, the American Ballet Theater, the Museo de Arte de la Cartuja, Mallorca, and many more.

Private collectors of Zupan’s work have included HRH Princess Grace of Monaco, Bruno Magli, The Rothschild Collection, George C. Scott, and the Swarovski Family of Austria.

The artist came to our attention through Martha Folsom, co-director of the Galerie d’Orsay on Newbury Street in Boston.

“We consider Bruno Zupan a member of our family here at Galerie d’Orsay,” she told us. “At age 78, his creativity remains limitless. Every April, like clockwork, Bruno joins us in Boston to meet with longtime friends and new collectors alike, unveiling his latest collection of paintings. Bruno’s work keeps evolving, becoming more insightful each year. We are honored to work with this world-class artist.”

Art by Bruno ZupanMartha tells us that Zupan procures the finest linen canvases he can find – at one particular Paris shop, and from a source of Belgian linen canvas in Spain.

Long-established contacts in Europe find special pigments and oils for him. For watercolor paintings, he orders rice papers direct from a source in Japan.

Art by Bruno ZupanHis brushes are handmade in Paris, his stretchers crafted by hand of Magnolia wood at a tiny Mallorca company. He designs the frames for his work himself; they’re made to his specifications in Pisa, Italy, and in New York City.

In the end, of course, it’s about the talent more than the tools. And the artistry with which Bruno Zupan brings the world to his canvas is a gift we can all enjoy.Art by Bruno Zupan

Art by Bruno Zupan

Art by Bruno Zupan

5 responses to “Rare materials: the legendary painter Bruno Zupan”

  1. Marilyn Kirschen says:

    Such beautiful colors. His works inspire.

  2. D Bissen says:

    Beautiful work!

  3. Jane Zupan says:

    Thank you so much! A lovely portrait of Bruno who is truely obsessed with finding the best materials! And yes, GDO is our family!
    Best regards, Jane and Bruno Zupan

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