December 2017

Bright ideas for snow-day play

Winter vacation is filled with of the promise of fun and relaxation. But for many parents a question looms: How do you keep everyone entertained during all that free time?

Anticipating that challenge, we turned to Pinterest to find ideas that captivate kids, and give moms and dads a little breather.

Here are some of our favorites:

Paint the snow.

A great blend of art and outdoor play. Bonus? Fresh air encourages a good night’s sleep!

Make bird feeders.

Be sure to hang them near a window so kids can see their handiwork in action.

Design potato head snowmen.

Give those accessories new life – and your snowmen a fun twist!

Blow bubbles (and watch them freeze).

Because, how cool is that?

Create colored ice art.

So fun to create, and beautiful to look at all winter long.

Have a snow day dance party.

Turn the music up, and get down. It’s a great way to lift everyone’s spirits and burn off some energy.

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