December 2017

7 tips for a comfy guestroom

Guests are pulling into the driveway any minute now; are their rooms ready? Are your accommodations stocked with lofty bedding, fresh towels, and the necessities for a comfy stay? We polled our stylists and home team to provide these seven tips for creating a comfortable and welcoming space for guests.

1. The art of layering textures

Comfy Guest Room Tips: Sheepskin Pillow CoversStart by layering the bed with different fabrics and textures. We always have a soft spot for cashmere layered over flannel. Top with inviting-to-the-touch accents like faux-fur pillows, a plush velvet quilt, and a nubby knit throw. The layered bed doesn’t just look luxurious and rich, it allows guests to adjust their coziness and choose the layers that they prefer.

2. Tips for making a five-star bed

Capture the look and feel of resort-style luxury while adding that distinctive style that makes a house a home. Build a neutral foundation; we recommend a fresh, white set of sheets and cases. Add a touch of sophistication with a subtle design on the duvet cover, shams, and quilt or coverlet. Top with a bold pop of color to make the look your own — think, fringed throw or decorative pillow.

3. Tray chic

Comfy Guest Room Tips: Wood Ottoman Traybedside tray is invaluable in a guest room as it is truly multipurpose. Set one, or two, on the bed or nightstand and fill it with welcome treats like tea and chocolate, a mug of their own so they’ll never need to go searching through the cabinets, and books or magazines you think they might enjoy. Later they can use it to bring coffee, snacks, or other necessities back to the room for a little downtime.

4. Storage at a glance

Wire baskets are great organization tools. They add to the decor, and you can easily see what’s inside them, making them handy for visitors to help themselves. We like to fill ours with extra towels or throws. If there’s a fireplace in the room, wire baskets are a great place to display firewood and hold the kindling.

5. Well-organized drawers and closet

Go beyond just making sure there’s room in the drawers and closet. All storage areas should be neat, clean, and equipped with unexpected essentials. Many guests will be reluctant to trouble their hosts if they find the room chilly or their bed short a pillow. Stock the room with extras and be sure to show them where to find them. Consider including blankets in different weights and extra pillows in a range of firmnesses to customize their sleep comfort.

6. Reflect on lighting

Candles, lights, lamps, and reflective surfaces amplify light. Strategically placed throughout the room, they add ambiance and coziness. Metallic finishes and rustic glass pump up the glam. Tiny lights on branches add a festive twinkle. Make sure there’s enough light in the room to read comfortably, as well as functional window coverings to block out light, so guests can nap or sleep in.

Comfy Guest Room Tips: Travel Blanket KitBONUS TIP: Sleeping in a room you’re not used to can be a challenge. Make it a little easier for your guests to catch some ZZZs by gifting them with an eye mask and cozy throw. We love this set because it comes in a small zippered pouch that can easily be packed for future trips.

7. A nod to the holidays

Subtle holiday decor will set the mood without overpowering the décor and detracting from the restfulness of the space. A knit pillow nestled among the bedding, a touch of greenery, a collection of holiday poems or short stories on the night stand, a felt bird on the mantel… It’s the little details that make guests smile.

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