November 2017

How to create the ultimate cheese board


In preparation for holiday hosting season, we’re on a mission to achieve a better cheese board. We asked our friends at Cabot Cheese and New York-based food stylist Judy Haubert to share their tips for the ultimate fast and easy cheese board. Here are their suggestions…

Cheese Board Assortment

Select a wide range of cheese flavors and shapes.

This is the most important element of the platter, so select your cheeses with care and diversify the style. Cabot makes these great little cracker cuts that are pre-sliced – ideal for entertaining.

Cabot Cheese: Vermont Seriously Sharp Cheese

It’s important to add dimension. You can round out the platter by cutting cubes or triangles of Alpine Cheddar rather than just serving the traditional rectangles.

Last, add a spicy or bolder option to the board, like Cabot’s habanero cheddar.

Assorted Cheese and Fruit for a Cheese Board

Add color to your board.

If you don’t already have a presentable serving board, now’s the time to make that investment. We love the marble look, which was the inspiration behind our Marble Tabletop Collection (pictured below).

Once the board is ready to be designed, place sprigs of rosemary in the corners and nestled under layers of cheese. Fresh fruit slices are beautiful to the eye and delicious. Sliced apples and pears pair nicely with cheese, and can be easily added to a cracker.

Fruits and Meats for a Cheese Board

Sprinkle in savory accoutrements.

Don’t forget the salty accompaniments! Nuts and baguette slices are must-haves for any cheese board.

Items for a Cheese Board

It’s all in the details.

The difference between polished and amateur cheese boards lies in the attention to detail. Label the cheeses, and position small bowls for jams and mustards for guests to enjoy. 

Cheese Board

That’s all there is to it! Serve with an assortment of your favorite wines, and enjoy.

Finished Cheese Board

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