November 2017

How to design a shared kids’ bedroom: three easy steps inspired by Garnet Hill home stylists

Mix-and-Match Flannel Bedding. Shared Space? Here's a Tip: Play with Solids and Patterns to Create a Design that's Unified Yet Uniquely their Own!
Whether you have children sharing a room or a bunkhouse for the grandkids, crafting a space that looks unified while still reflecting different personalities can be a challenge.

We love this technique used by our Garnet Hill home stylists for photo shoots: incorporate mixing, matching, and layering for a room that feels well–coordinated yet full of individual personality.

It’s also a great way to get more mileage out of your favorite bedding sets!
Garnet Hill Kids' Bedding

Here’s how to get the look:

Step 1:
Decide how closely the sheets should coordinate. Are the kids similar enough in age and interests to enjoy a matching pattern, or would different designs in complementary colors better suit them? Once you know that it’s easy to build the rest.

Enlist their help if you can — the more involved they are in the decision-making, the more delighted they’re likely to be with the result.

Step 2:
Choose comforters, quilts, pillows and blankets. Now mix and match away! Try splitting sets between the beds (ie. orange blanket on one, orange sham on the other). And take liberties when deciding what to pair. Stripes with patterns, solids with dots, dots with stripes — get creative, and use what you already have on hand when possible.

Step 3:
Use accessories to define each space. If one child is an art lover and the other on the sporty side, accessories are a great way to showcase that.

Another approach could be to choose a brighter mix of colors and a playful rug for one, a more subtle color palette with sophisticated accessories for the other.

That’s it. And one of the best things about designing a room this way? The possibilities for mixing and remixing are endless.

Have fun!

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