September 2017

Everything that’s old is new again: jewelry designers who do it the old-fashioned way

Garnet Hill Jewelry Designers

Before there was Etsy, before there was Pinterest, before there were celebrities sporting jewels so valuable the designs themselves had to be accompanied on the red carpet by security guards, ancient peoples were crafting necklaces, bracelets, and earrings (and in Cleopatra’s case, headdresses) to adorn and express themselves. Each of the jewelry designers spotlighted here takes these traditions seriously, and incorporates old-world techniques and artistry into their collections.

Dana Kellin

Dana Kellin Beaded Teardrop EarringsWire-wrapped jewelry is an age-old style reminiscent of Victorian filigree. But where others dabble, Dana Kellin excels, with artistry and attention to detail. She developed an original method of wire wrapping. Time-consuming and painstakingly precise, it’s truly a labor of love. This technique produces pieces that are textural with an earthy glamour. There’s nothing quite like it.

Kristen Mara

Kristen Mara Elements NecklaceDedicated to using sustainable metals and ecologically responsible materials, Kristen Mara is drawn to the metalworking method of pre-mechanized jewelry making — a skill requiring patience and dedication. Her commitment pays off. Her work has the same timeless artistry of the ancient artifacts she is inspired by.


Satya Engraved BanglesSatya, the spiritual word for “truth,” began with the dream of making  jewelry of all truths and spiritualties. Influenced by ancient cultures and religions, Satya jewelry is meaningful and powerful, each piece incorporating semi-precious stones and sacred symbols to honor the infinite potential of the woman who wears it.

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  1. Carole Martin says:

    Kristen Mara: Timeless and simply beautiful!

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