September 2017

Apples and cheddar cheese: a picnic-perfect fall day in Cabot, VT

Apple Tree
Did you know that there are more than 7,500 varieties of apples?

At Burtt’s Apple Orchard in Cabot, VT, you can sample more than 40 of them over the course of a season.
Family-owned and operated, the 10-acre orchard is located in one of the most picturesque spots in Vermont.
Vermont Scenery
The scenic drive is one of the many reasons that Burtt’s is a local favorite. Cresting the hill over the orchard you’ll find a view of the Green Mountains, and above it all, the A.M. Foster Covered Bridge, often cited as one of the most beautiful bridges in the country.
McIntosh Apple Trees
Once at the orchard, stop by the stand to find out which varieties are ready for picking. Hand-painted signs direct you to your apples of choice.
Wagons at Burtt's Apple Orchard in Cabot, VT
If you have small children in tow, wagons are provided to make the outing a little easier.
Apple Cider Donuts
Be sure to grab some cider and apple cider donuts for a snack in the field or to enjoy on the ride home. Kids can earn a donut for free by finding one of the golden wooden apples hidden among the trees.
Apple Slingshot at Burtt's Apple Orchard in Cabot, VT
After picking a bag or bushel-full of apples, try your hand at the slingshot. A basketful of flawed apples sits below it, inviting you to see how far you can fling one across the meadow.
Cabot Creamery Visitors Center
For a classic New England experience, and culinary combination, we recommend following your visit with a trip to nearby Cabot Creamery, just two miles down the road.
Visiting Cabot Creamery
At the creamery you can see cheese being made and sample dozens of varieties — including many that pair beautifully with your freshly picked apples!
Cabot Cheese Samples
It’s such a popular pairing, in fact, that Cabot Cheese has a collection of recipes on their website devoted to apples and cheddar.

It may sound a bit strange but here in New England, many enjoy a slice of cheese with, or even on top of their apple pie. Lore has it that this combination was brought over from England with early settlers.

Learn more about Burtt’s Apple Orchard and Cabot Cheese.

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