August 2017

Summer’s a wrap—a wrap dress, that is

By Kristyn Lak Miller

This story starts innocently enough.

Back in June, I bought Garnet Hill’s Gathered Wrap Dress in Deep Navy. I was instantly drawn to its combination of style (faux-wrap front, pretty drape) and comfort (jersey knit, pull-on ease).

Garnet Hill Gathered Wrap Dress

At the time, I thought of it as a cute new dress—but it quickly became so much more.

I first wore it for a lunch date with a friend. The dress was completely effortless though it looked like I had put in a fair bit of extra effort (love that!). In it, I felt relaxed, confident, and happy (love that, too!). My friend complimented the dress. Our waitress did, too. After lunch, I bought the dress in its two other summer colors, Chili and Dark Ashwood.

Garnet Hill Gathered Wrap Dress


And that’s how this season came to be my Summer of (Wrap Dress) Love!

Having this dress in a trio of colors, it’s become my go-to most days—and nights—of the week. I’ve paired it with Superga sneakers and with Frye sandals. I’ve left it unadorned and dressed it up with layers of Chan Luu necklaces. I’ve worn it for long walks and work meetings, a romantic dinner with my husband and a trip to an amusement park with the kids, blueberry picking and even a Sunflower Festival. My daughter, a budding photographer, has taken candids of me in this dress on many, many occasions (it’s her photography you see here).

Garnet Hill Gathered Wrap Dress

This dress is always the just-right choice, even on windy days—remember, its flattering wrap is faux!

I’m someone who usually tosses everything into the washing machine at once (colors, whites, towels, Legos) and hopes for the best, but I like this dress so much that I wash it separately, on the delicate cycle, and I hang it to dry. And, confession time, I did something I have never done before: I bought a back-up for each—yes, I splurged on a second dress in all three colors—because I have a history of staining only my favorite items of clothing.

And to say this is a favorite is a massive understatement.

Recently, I received Garnet Hill’s latest catalog. Flipping through the pages, getting inspired for Fall, I noticed that two new colors have been added to the Gathered Wrap Dress for the season—Black and Baltic Teal. I look forward to my Fall of (Wrap Dress) Love!

We’re wondering if you’ve ever defined a season or two (or longer) by fashion, like a pair of sandals that always reminds you of that perfect summer, a cashmere cardigan that’s kept you cozy over the last few winters, or a scarf that you’ve worn, year-round, for the last decade . . . and is now your signature item. Let us know in the COMMENTS section below—we want to hear from you!

Kristyn Lak Miller is a freelance Garnet Hill writer based in Portsmouth, NH.


2 responses to “Summer’s a wrap—a wrap dress, that is”

  1. Christine says:

    Love this article!! Photos are fabulous and natural looking, makes adventurous, comfortable and smart. And now I want to try this dress… in black of course!

  2. Mary Bresnahan says:

    Lovely story of “the” dress:)

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