June 2017

Savvy tips for kids’ sun safety

Most kids agree that the best part of the summer (besides a break from school!) is hitting the beach, pool, or park. Before they rush outside, we wanted to refresh our sun-safety knowledge. Here are some easy tips for sun safety:


Apply a “broad spectrum” (meaning that it protects against both types of ultra violet rays: UVA (A=aging) and UVB (B=Burning) sunscreen before your kids head outside — thirty minutes before to be exact. And being diligent about reapplication will help their sensitive skin in the long run. The fairer the child, the more dangerous the UV rays are for the child’s skin, but all skin types need sunscreen for protection.


Although children may not appear sunburned, they are still being exposed to “aging” rays, which are just as harmful. Clouds do not protect from harmful UV rays so use sunscreen even on overcast days.
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Wearing protective clothing, hats, and sunglasses is another important way of warding off UV damage, so keep their legs and arms covered whenever possible.


Clothing varies in the amount of sun protection it provides. Items labeled with a UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor) rating are numbered to gauge their ability to block out the sun. How does it work? It all has to do with the density of the fabric and the type of fibers (nylon and elastane block a lot of UV light). When wet, light-colored clothing lets in just as much sunlight as bare skin; darker colors are most effective.
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