April 2017

April showers: Must-haves for spring weather

Kristen, blogger of The Boston Fashionista, shares some style tips for spring weather — rain or shine.

While they certainly bring May flowers, April showers are not always the most exciting. In many parts of
the country, April is a time where everything is coming alive — birds chirping, flowers blooming, bunnies
hopping. In New England, April is forty-five degrees and rainy. Not the most ideal weather to get you
into spring spirits!

Kristen, Blogger of The Boston Fashionista in the Joules Haven Waterproof Jacket and Hunter Rain Boots

On dreary days, I reach for vibrant rain accessories to brighten up both my wardrobe and my mood. For
example, take this cheerful rain jacket. Its preppy stripes, oversized hood and nautical wooden toggles
will have you hoping for a rainy day! The exterior fabric is waterproof cotton, no plastic-y rain slicker
smell, and the interior lining is ultra-soft jersey knit. It feels just like your favorite weekend t-shirt.

Hunter Rain Boots

Another one of my rainy day favorites is a cozy, cotton scarf — like this one in a pretty jacquard print.
It’s big enough to serve as a wrap (perfect for cuddling on the couch with a book and a piping hot cup of
tea), or for tossing around your neck to keep the wind at bay (did I mention forty-five degrees?). It’s also
a perfect transition piece going into May and June — or the days when it’s warm enough to wear linen dresses
dresses, but you still need a light wrap when the sun goes down.

Kristen, Blogger of The Boston Fashionista in the Joules Haven Waterproof Jacket, Vismaya Cotton Jacquard Scarf, and Hunter Rain Boots

Feeling more cheerful? Ready to go splash in some puddles? Don’t forget your trusty navy Hunter wellies to keep your feet warm and dry. I confess, for years I heard people rave about Hunter boots and I
couldn’t understand it. They’re just rain boots, I used to think to myself. I WAS WRONG. They are not just
rain boots, they are the best rain boots. Comfortable, sturdy, and well-constructed, they’ll last you for
years to come. And hey, they’re cute, too!

Garnet Hill Bicycle Doormat and Hunter Rain Boots

Once your rainy day has come to an end (and you’re ready for the aforementioned book and tea), leave
your wellies to dry on a sturdy, sunny doormat. What’s more welcoming: an ugly black rubber mat or a
mat made with natural coconut husk fibers, and vibrant, original designs? Use them now indoors as a
place to park your rain boots, then move them to the patio or front door once summer is in full swing.
Bring it on, spring weather. We’re ready!

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  1. Erika says:

    Adorable! I just LOVE that raincoat!

  2. Karen Keown says:

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE❤️❤️❤️ All of your Amazingly Beautiful items from your clothes to your home goods !!!!!

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