July 2013

VIDEO: How to fold a fitted sheet

Folding a fitted sheet can be a bit of a tricky task — so much so that many people go for the rolled-up-in-a-ball method instead. It really isn’t so hard when you break it down into easy-to-follow steps. We’ll show you how with this video and these simple instructions. Plus, give you tips on how to neatly store your sheet sets.


  1. Turn sheet inside out and place hands in top corners.
  2. Bring hands together, folding sheet in half. Tuck corner into corner and shake.
  3. Turn the sheet sideways and slide hands into corners. Fold in half again.
  4. Tuck corner inside corner and shake again.
  5. Place on flat surface and straighten.
  6. Fold horizontally in thirds. Then, fold vertically in thirds.


  1. Once all the sheet components are folded, open the top fold of the flat sheet and nestle the folded fitted sheet inside.
  2. Top with one folded pillowcase and fold the top flap of the flat sheet back in place to create a neat stack.
  3. Place the stack of folded sheets inside a second unfolded pillowcase.
  4. Fold and tuck the extra pillowcase fabric inside to conceal the set.

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