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Women’s Clogs & Mules From Favorite Makers

Browse our women’s clogs and mules to find this effortlessly fashionable and comfortable footwear in classic and reimagined styles to enjoy all year. Is there any better design for get-out-the-door convenience and instant casual appeal than the classic wood clog? It’s back and better than ever at Garnet Hill in soft, lambswool-lined oiled leather and throwback unlined leather and wood; browse casual wood clogs handcrafted in Maine by the artisans at Kurier, or in Poland by Sanita -- they make the perfect finish to your favorite cords or denim. Frye offers an inventive take on the wood clog in styles with surprise plush shearling uppers, and UGG transforms the clog into a distinctive suede shoe with the same slip-on utility but added coverage for the heel, lined in soft, upcycled wool. For ease with a touch of refinement, turn to the mule; find options in this collection in goes-with-all neutrals or edgy contemporary patterns, made with soft suede or calf hair uppers. Kork-Ease adds lift in a heeled mule that retains this maker’s signature comfort with its padded footbed. Discover other styles to love, including an elegant pointed-toe heeled mule in suede or leather that dresses up your favorite outfits, or go casual and comfy in a flat boiled wool clog to keep inside the mudroom door. Your favorite clogs for women are in the collection at Garnet Hill.