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Boots, Ankle Boots & Booties for Women

Browse women’s boots, booties, and ankle boots at Garnet Hill and find high-quality footwear in Italian leather and suede to complete your favorite looks. Our collection includes appealing options in classic, wear-everywhere neutral colors and unexpected hues. Choose black boots to dress up casual outfits, or a camel or caramel color ideal for everyday wear. Find boots in a variety of heights to flatter your figure and accent your outfits: Tall suede boots pair perfectly with knee-length skirts or dresses and add height to your frame, while calf-height boots add a feminine finishing touch beneath a swingy midi dress. To pair with everything from dresses to jeans, choose ankle booties in a classic or embellished style: Laser-cut motifs, thoughtfully placed zippers, and other design details add interest to this everyday favorite footwear. Waterproof, lined, and on-trend winter boots keep toes warm when the season’s chill sets in; classic ankle- or calf-height options carry you through shoulder seasons and beyond; and sandal-inspired open-toe boots suit summer’s warmer days. Discover options exclusive to Garnet Hill as well as on-trend boots and booties for any season, from EILEEN FISHER, BEDSTU, and other trusted brands.