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Tights, Leggings & Cashmere Socks for Women

Browse women’s socks, tights, and leggings at Garnet Hill: Soft cashmere, organic cotton, and Merino wool are among the exquisite fabrics that lend our knits unparalleled comfort without sacrificing performance. A pair of leggings made from Danish Green Cotton is stretchy and streamlined to complement favorite seasonal outfits. Tights make a lighter weight option with a bit of dressier appeal and slimmer lines. When your day calls for something special, our silky cashmere socks are a treat for your feet. Find neutral shades and bright, feminine hues in these customer-favorite socks to match any outfit perfectly. Garnet Hill cashmere is too good to hide inside your shoes: Select ankle or knee-high lengths to style boots or booties with a pop of color or a dramatic slouching sock. Our SmartWool® socks offer supreme comfort in a durable, moisture-wicking Merino wool blend. The women’s-specific fit and innovative cushioning make these socks feel like they were made just for you. Look for no-show socks to ingeniously hide inside sneakers and low-tops, and ankle lengths to wear with booties and casual shoes. Find many practical, ultra-comfortable, and fashionable options in women’s leggings, tights, and socks at Garnet Hill.