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Women’s Scarves & Wraps for Seasonal Wear

Browse women’s scarves and wraps to find essential accessories in lightweight and warm styles to accent your outfit in any season. Our collection includes options from light scarves for summer evenings or tropical holidays to cozy wraps ideal for winter weather. Choose from cashmere, cotton, and linen scarves in bold, printed designs, subtle patterns, and solid-color neutrals. You’ll also find scarves in a variety of sizes for maximum versatility: Tie a small square scarf around your neck for a retro-inspired touch or use it to accent a bag strap with a pop of contrasting color; layer a larger scarf over a shirt or jacket for extra warmth, or wear it around your shoulders as a wrap when a jacket is more than you need. A lightweight scarf makes an ideal finishing touch for any outfit, whether you’re heading to a picnic, brunch, or the beach. Warm in winter and comfortable year-round, our best-selling Cashmere Wrap is a timeless classic that never goes out of style. From practical accents to style-defining statement accessories, discover pieces you’ll love to wear in our selection of women’s scarves and wraps.