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Artisan Necklaces, Earrings & Bracelets for Women

Women’s jewelry from Garnet Hill includes appealing handcrafted bracelets, necklaces, and earrings to accessorize any outfit. Skilled artisans put a fresh spin on classic jewelry styles, using a gorgeous selection of sterling silver, brass, upcycled marble, leather, and faceted gemstones to create each original design. Select from slip-on cuffs and beaded bracelets to wear alone or mix and match as you wish. A necklace featuring a teardrop-shaped gemstone pendant accentuates a woman’s neckline beautifully, and the colorful gems impart instant panache to everyday outfits. Women’s earrings are essential day-to-night fashion accessories. Discover intricate style elements, from wire wrapping and textured metals to hand-carved materials that make our earrings must-haves in any season. Jewelry from Garnet Hill makes a distinctive gift any woman will cherish.