Preserved Cypress Wreaths
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A single evergreen wreath — or multiples — adds elegance to your home for the holidays. Each lush wreath is made from preserved cypress, a woodsy-scented tree that has graced the land and decorated the homes of the Mediterranean for centuries. * Preserved and dyed cypress on a twig base * Endless decorating options * Indoor use only * Avoid direct sunlight * In dry places, lightly mist ...
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Now $61.00 - $117.00
Preserved Boxwood Wreaths
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Deck the walls or windows with a single boxwood wreath, or combine them all for a dramatic wreath collage. Each is a study in understated elegance, with endless decorating options for years to come. * Preserved boxwood greenery * Ivory mesh ribbon (Small Rounds only) * Indoor use only * Imported Single Large Round: 20" diameter Set of Three Small Rounds: 8" diameter PLEASE NOTE: The small round wre...
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Now $54.00 - $96.00
Vaillancourt Chalkware Medium Father Christmas Figurine with Wreath
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Handmade from antique candy molds by Vaillancourt Folk Art, each collectible is hand-painted with intricate details. A special holiday tradition here at Garnet Hill; add to your collection or start building your holiday decor with this year's pieces. Beautifully crafted, each piece mixes bold color with nostalgic design. * From the tip of their hats to the dusting of snow on their boots, each piece...
Price: $278.00
Holiday Knit Mini Wreath Pillow
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Wrap up your holiday decorating with this jolly knit pillow, ideal gift for you or anyone on your list. Hand-knit in Armenia, this Fair Trade design spreads holiday cheer to any spot in a home, whether tossed on the bed or arranged on the couch. * Soft 100% cotton knit cover * Hand-crochet, and hand-embroidery detailing * Crafted by Fair Trade artisans to make a positive impact in the European ...
Price: $58.00
Garnet Hill Doormat Collection
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Step up your look and brighten your doorstep with our vibrant original doormat designs. Hand-made from the natural fibers of coconut shell husks, also known as coir. * All-natural coir is 100% biodegradable* Suitable for use in covered outdoor areas or indoors* Hefty 1" thick (please consider door clearance)* New designs to freshen your doorstep each season* Imported
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