Striped Jute Round Rug
Customer Rating:
Meet one of our all-around favorites! Hand-braided in natural jute with a dyed gray border stripe, this uniquely calming round rug brings stylish simplicity to any spot around the house. * Hand-braided * 100% jute * Natural with dyed gray stripe at edge * Due to the inherent qualities of natural jute, subtle variations will occur * 1/2" pile height * Imported
Price: $129.00 - $299.00
Dash & Albert Medallion Jute Rug
Customer Rating:
Slightly oversized medallions bestow boho-utiful character and colorful warmth on any room. In a durable flat weave, handwoven from yarn-dyed jute with a touch of cotton for go-barefoot softness, this stand-out rug works well anywhere, even high-traffic spots. * Woven with 85% jute, 9% cotton, 5% poly, and 1% other * 1/4" height * Imported
Price: $129.00 - $1499.00
Dash & Albert Artisanal Braided Jute Rug
Customer Rating:
A jute rug that's soft enough for bare feet, thanks to a touch of cotton for plush softness. Crafted by artisans with braided texture in harmonious hues, this natural beauty works in any area of the house. * By Dash & Albert * 3/4" pile * 94% jute/6% cotton * Imported
Price: $99.00 - $1199.00
Jute & Pebbled-Wool Rug
Customer Rating:
Beckoning bare feet, this chunky jute rug gets its plush softness from a generous dose of wool. Woven with undyed fibers for earthy elegance, it's a natural in any area of the house. * Made from 70% jute and 30% wool; undyed * Due to the natural ombré of undyed materials, subtle variations will occur * 1" pile * Imported
Price: $229.00 - $1499.00
Amara Handwoven Wool & Jute Rug
Customer Rating:
Our Moroccan take on a kilim rug casts a well-traveled spell on any spot in the house. Handwoven in a soft blend of jute, wool, and cotton for a vintage look, its ceremonial-inspired pattern exudes dialed-back drama with subtle shifts in color. * Soft blend of 47% jute, 32% wool, and 21% cotton * Reversible for twice the wear * Petite, hand-knotted fringe at both ends; whipstitched alo....
Price: $299.00 - $1299.00
Bella Hand-Tufted Bamboo & Jute Rug
Customer Rating:
An irresistible combination of luxury and practicality, this hand-tufted rug is irresistibly plush and dependably durable in silk-like rayon derived from sustainable bamboo, with a touch of jute for texture. * With its casual colors and subtle striping, it's an easy addition to any room and decor style * Ideal for high-traffic areas * 3/8" pile height * 78% bamboo rayon/12% jute * Cotton b....
Price: $299.00 - $1599.00
Hable Geo Kilim Jute Rug
Customer Rating:
HABLE CONSTRUCTION® FOR GARNET HILL Inspired by Susan Hable's visit to an artist retreat in Oaxaca, this rug takes any room on a global adventure of playful sophistication. Handwoven in jute on a panja with a modern mix of black and white diamonds within a turquoise and gold checkerboard border. It takes two skilled artisans up to 12 hours to complete each rug. * Designed by sisters Susan and....
Price: $299.00 - $999.00