Duvall Handwoven Wool Rug
Customer Rating:
A warm, welcoming addition to any space from the front entry to the master bedroom, this flat-weave wool rug charms with soft plushness. Handwoven in a beautiful basketweave jacquard, its variegated yarns add depth and dimension. * Reversible for twice the wear * Wool/nylon/polyester * 1/2" pile height * Imported
Price: $99.00 - $899.00
Hable Alfrid Flat-Weave Wool Rug
Customer Rating:
HABLE CONSTRUCTION® FOR GARNET HILL Style meets substance in a handwoven wool rug with a goes-with-all graphic print in soft hues and a durable flat-weave that's at home in any room, even high-traffic spots. One of Garnet Hill's exclusive collaborations with the Hable sisters of Hable Construction®, a design company known for its colorful, contemporary home textiles created from artwork ....
Price: $349.00 - $1199.00
Kantara Flat-Weave Wool Rug
Customer Rating:
A modern translation of traditional kilim design in easy-to-match, soothing hues. Handwoven in wool, this flat-weave rug is at home anywhere, even in high-traffic spots. * Made from wool * Reversible for twice the wear * Imported
Price: $299.00 - $899.00
Danish Floral Flat-Weave Rug
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Inspired by classic Scandinavian folk art, this handwoven wool rug invites you to tiptoe anytime through a midnight garden of ochre flowers blooming against a deep navy ground. A durable flat-weave with a camouflaging print, it's at home anywhere, even in high-traffic spots. * 100% wool facing; 100% cotton warp for strength and stability * Deep navy ground * 1 1/2" fringe on both ends * 1/4" pile ....
Price: $299.00 - $899.00