Taza Patchwork Quilt and Sham
Customer Rating:
Turning up the color dial, our bold, hand-stitched quilt features a boho block print in a range of jewel tones. An ideal centerpiece for a master suite or luxurious guestroom, featuring an artfully placed block-print floral in the center and a dramatic Moroccan-tile-inpsired-print double border that cascades over the sides of the bed. * Lightweight quilt with ornamental block prints and tile-inspi....
Price: $8.00
Hana Quilt and Sham
Customer Rating:
Say yes to our fresh take on the traditional wedding-ring quilt. Lightweight for easy layering, with the superior softness and drape of cotton cambric. Featuring complementary geometrics inspired by Japanese woodblock and ikat prints in soothing shades of blue. * Quilted by hand * 100% cotton cambric, with cotton fill * 200-gram weight * A timeless design that complements any bedding ensemble, fro....
Price: $49.00 - $299.00
Maddie Quilt and Sham
Customer Rating:
Deliver dynamic patterning, texture, and movement to any bed with our innovative interpretation of a patchwork quilt. Lightweight for easy layering, with the superior softness and drape of cotton cambric. Its variegated-bar pattern features an artful mix of classic ditsy prints, modern geometrics, and quiet neutrals. Many of these designs are based on original in-house hand-painted artwork. * Quil....
Price: $89.00 - $299.00
Tumbled Blocks Quilt and Sham
Customer Rating:
Our modern, kid-approved quilt plays with proportions and patterning for a layered look without the layers. Lightweight for any-season ease, in crisp cotton. With classic and unexpected quilting elements for spirited sophistication. * Quilted by hand * 100% cotton, with recycled-poly fill * 170-gram weight * Layered patterning combines flying-geese piecework, uneven patchwork with hand-quiltin....
Price: $49.00 - $199.00
PJ-Stripe Pieced Quilt and Sham
Customer Rating:
Inspired by the classic patterning of men's pajamas, a traditional kaleidoscope quilt design gets a modern makeover in a medley of fresh colors and quirky stripes. Pieced and arranged in a grid of concentric diamond patterning and textural hand-quilting, this refreshing design has a brilliant sense of movement. * Quilted by hand for added depth and dimension * Pieced from lightweight cotton-cambri....
Price: $18.00 - $118.00
Hable Kites Quilt and Sham
Customer Rating:
HABLE CONSTRUCTION® FOR GARNET HILL Quilted by hand, this charming bedding is pieced using small-scale prints to form its kite-like diamonds. The multi-print "kites" float on a soft-white ground to give this bedding its whimsical sense of movement. * Cotton, including the flannel fill * The artful "kite" pattern is made up of 3" pieced diamonds * Backed with allover star print * Star-print bi....
Price: $12.00