Haflinger AS Boiled Wool Slippers
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Your go-to for on-call comfort. Pure boiled wool slippers made by Haflinger, known for making slippers you'll want to slip into. Crafted in Poland, they come fully loaded with durability and the inherent temperature regulation and wicking properties of boiled wool, so they'll keep your feet warm without sweating. * By Haflinger * Slip-on style * Oval toe * Pure boiled wool upper and lining * Felt-....
Price: $79.00
Haflinger Charisma Flower Slippers
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Haflinger's pure boiled wool slippers come fully loaded with rave-worthy durability, natural temperature regulation and wicking properties, superior support, and latex dots on the soles. Asymmetrical mix of cabled and smooth styling is romanced by a floral vine appliqué. Poland/Imported.
Price: $99.00
Haflinger Classic Boiled Wool Slippers
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Classic meets comfy in this low-profile pure boiled wool mule from the folks at Haflinger, who know how to make a slipper you'll really want to slip into. We're fans of the natural temperature regulation, wicking properties, superior support, and durability. * By Haflinger * Rubber sole * Imported
Price: $98.00