A Fabulous Fit: Garnet Hill Exclusive Pants Styles

At Garnet Hill, we take pride in providing a great fit and are dedicated to ensuring that our exclusive, private-label women's pants fit consistently across the board. We have a variety of ways to guarantee a great fit. Each new pants style that we develop is reviewed and critiqued in a series of fit reviews. This gives our team of professionals the opportunity to critique how each pants design fits on a fit model. Adjustments are made after each review, until they are perfect. We often also have different women who typically wear the same size model the pants, using their feedback to help ensure that the fit is as close to universal as possible.

As the pants are made, production associates constantly reference photographs from the fit sessions to make certain that each product meets the original design specifications. This allows for our pants to be examined by fresh sets of discerning eyes. If something does not look just right, the pants are rejected until we pinpoint the issue and correct it.

We take pride in our philosophy that there is always room for improvement. That is why we pay very close attention to customer returns and ask that women returning clothing indicate on the Garnet Hill return form exactly why they were not completely satisfied with their purchase.

In addition to fit sessions, fit testing and customer comments, our pants are tested by all of the women at Garnet Hill. We have first-hand experience with how our pants fit, because we wear them... our friends wear them... and our families wear them — all different heights and body types.

So if you take your measurements and reference our Size Chart (located online and in the order form of our catalog), we're certain you'll be satisfied with the fit — so certain that EXCHANGES ARE ALWAYS FREE! Visit garnethill.com/exchanges or call 800.622.6216 for more information.