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New Arrivals in Women’s Shoes, Jewelry, Scarves & Bags

Shop new arrivals in women’s shoes, bags, scarves, jewelry, and belts, and refresh your wardrobe with timeless classics or seasonal accessories. Start each day on a confident, fashionable foot. Our latest arrivals include new women’s shoes to suit any weather - sandals and wedges in summer; boots, clogs, and slippers for fall and winter; and sneakers and flats to fill the gaps. Beyond footwear, find new accessories for every element of your daily attire. Browse lightweight fashion scarves and cool-weather layering essentials, including hats, gloves, and our best selling Cashmere Wrap. Beautiful leather bags in enduring designs transition effortlessly from errands to the office to an evening out. And don’t forget your jewelry: We’re always refreshing our new arrivals with fresh options in casual or elegant designs, in silver or gold finishes, and elevated with eye-catching gemstones, crystals, or colorful details. Our new arrivals collection includes of-the-moment footwear and accessories from top brands, including EILEEN FISHER, UGG, Kork-Ease®, and Satya. We also offer exclusive designs you won’t find elsewhere, and customer favorites that reappear in our rotation year after year. Explore all of our newest shoes and accessories to find the perfect pieces to complete an outfit and define your style.