How to Care for Your Linen

Linen embodies nature’s honesty, beauty and goodness, and its unique resiliency has earned linen a reputation as an heirloom fiber. Properly caring for your linen items — from shirts to sheets — helps each remain in excellent condition, retain its natural charms, and elongate its life, so you can enjoy your linen favorites for years to come.


How to wash your linen

Tip 1

Act fast.

Promptly remove stains as soon as possible by gently blotting them with a damp cloth and mild, eco-friendly soap.

Tip 2

Group hues.

Wash linen items with similar colors to prevent color bleeding.

Tip 3

Don’t stuff.

Avoid overloading the washing machine to ensure proper cleaning and prevent excessive wrinkling.

Tip 4

Be gentle.

Use a mild, eco-friendly detergent without harsh chemicals to avoid damaging the fibers.

Tip 5

Take good care.

Avoid using bleach or harsh chemicals as bleach weakens the fibers and causes discoloration.

Tip 6

Mind the temp.

  • For linen bedding, wash in warm water — not cold, not hot — on your machine’s gentle cycle.
  • For linen apparel, refer to care instructions on the item as the ideal water temperature for washing varies by style.

How to dry your linen

  • Air-dry linen bedding and apparel for a crisp, fresh hand, or toss linen into the dryer set at a low temperature to reduce the risk of shrinkage and to avoid damaging the fibers.
  • If drying, remove it promptly to minimize the appearance of wrinkles; some are inevitable, but we think they only add to linen’s irresistible, laid-back appeal.
  • Use a steamer to smooth out wrinkles and creases for a more refined look.

How to store your linen

  • Store linens in a well-ventilated, cool, dry place. Avoid direct sunlight and humidity to prevent discoloration and mildew.
  • A clean canvas container with a zip closure is best for storage. Canvas is breathable yet offers a barrier to keep out moths.
  • Avoid plastic bins and cardboard boxes because they could discolor or break down linen fibers.
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