TENCELTM Lyocell is one of our favorite fibers because of its sustainability and comfort.

Eco-friendly elegance

It’s hard to choose what we love most about TENCELTM Lyocell. From its super-soft hand to its elegant drape to its breathable and moisture-wicking qualities, the benefits of this fine natural fiber make it one of our favorites. Explore our guide to learn what makes TENCELTM Lyocell so appealing, find answers to common questions, and learn how to care for TENCELTM Lyocell.


What is TENCELTM Lyocell?

TENCELTM Lyocell is made from materials sourced from responsibly managed forests: Wood chips are processed into a pulp transformed into fibers, and then spun into yarns to create TENCELTM Lyocell fabric. The closed-loop production process recycles all of the non-toxic solvents it uses and requires less energy and water than other materials. TENCELTM Lyocell is not only environmentally friendly, but also exceptionally soft, absorbent, and cool, making this premium fiber one of our favorites.


Benefits of TENCELTM Lyocell

From its sustainability to its versatility, these are our favorite characteristics of TENCELTM Lyocell.


When it comes to sustainable fibers, TENCELTM Lyocell tops the list, thanks to its closed-loop production process, responsible sourcing, and biodegradable nature.


TENCELTM Lyocell isn’t just supremely soft to the touch—it is also moisture wicking, absorbent, and temperature regulating.


TENCELTM Lyocell is known for its sophisticated drape and subtle sheen. Plus, the low-maintenance material resists wrinkles and retains its shape for long-lasting elegance.


Beautiful and durable when used alone, TENCELTM Lyocell also blends well with other fibers—including cotton, linen, and wool—to enhance their natural characteristics, from softness to drape to performance.

Easy to Care For

Clothing made from mostly TENCELTM Lyocell can be machine washed unlike other similar materials that often require dry cleaning.

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Does it shrink?

Lyocell can shrink — but because our TENCELTM Lyocell fabric is pre-washed for softness, you won’t have to worry about it shrinking when washed or dried.

What is it made of?

TENCELTM Lyocell is made from wood pulp sourced from sustainably managed forests where trees are grown without the use of harmful chemicals. The pulp is processed into fibers, which are spun into threads used to create TENCELTM Lyocell fabric.

What does it feel like?

TENCELTM Lyocell has a buttery-soft hand, thanks to the supremely smooth cellulosic fibers that make up the fabric.

Is it breathable?

Yes, breathability is one of TENCELTM Lyocell’s biggest benefits. The material also boasts natural temperature regulating and moisture-wicking properties, so it’s exceptionally comfortable for a range of applications.

Is it stretchy?

The fiber itself is not stretchy, but TENCELTM Lyocell can be made into fabrics with subtle stretch, such as jersey knit or French terry, or blended with materials like Spandex that offer extra give.


How to care for TENCELTM Lyocell

Before washing TENCELTM Lyocell clothing or bedding, check your product’s care instructions. Care for TENCELTM Lyocell clothing may vary depending on how it is blended with other fibers so some may require dry cleaning; for items that can be machine-washed, follow these general care tips:

  1. Wash TENCELTM Lyocell items in cold water on a gentle cycle.
  2. Prevent pilling by turning TENCELTM Lyocell clothing inside out before washing.
  3. For best result, lay flat and air dry.

Does TENCELTM Lyocell wrinkle?

Although it does resist wrinkles well, it can wrinkle. However, it is easy to release wrinkles by tumbling on low with a damp cloth or lightly steaming.


From sustainable to comfortable, or whether used alone or blended with other materials, TENCELTM Lyocell provides exceptional softness, an elegant drape, and an eco-friendly touch to the final product.


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