Meet Hillary B. Sorrentino, the artist behind some of our new, whimsical holiday prints

Ingrained in the fiber of every product is the integrity of the people who artfully design, responsibly source, and carefully stitch them to last for generations to come.

This season, Garnet Hill has partnered with one of our favorite print artists. Hillary is always a pleasure to collaborate with. Her unique talent for bringing her artwork to life through whimsical characters, unexpected details, and cheery palettes brings us on a journey of creativity that is inspiring.

Let’s get to know her! To celebrate the launch of two new, exclusive holiday prints by Hillary, we interviewed her and learned about her inspiration, creative process, and what make these creations extra special.


Garnet Hill:
What drives your creative process?

I have always been drawing and painting from an early age! Today, I enjoy painting with gouache, watercolor, and ink pens. My work is expressive, and I like to create images with joyful colors and flowing lines. When I’m creating, I’m drawing with a paintbrush!


Garnet Hill:
What’s specifically behind the design of our Majestic Forest print?

Majestic Forest was inspired by classic woodland animals and trees, in a style reminiscent of traditional engraving and woodcuts. The print has beautiful movement and flow, and the animals are regal and peaceful. I love this print because it is sophisticated and perfectly fits Garnet Hill’s sensibility.


Garnet Hill:
And what’s the inspiration for our Mushroom Festivous print?

Mushroom Festivous is full of fun stories and vignettes with little surprises throughout its patterning. Our gnomes are celebrating winter by playing in the snow and decorating their mushroom homes. This print was inspired by the vintage illustrations found in children’s books. I love this print because it’s happy, colorful, and charming.


Garnet Hill:
What are your thoughts on collaborating with Garnet Hill?

I love working with the Garnet Hill team because they really take the time to partner and collaborate with the artists they carefully select to work with. The collaboration and teamwork behind every print makes them unique and special designs for their customers.

It’s always a pleasure to work with Hillary. She is a true visionary in her craft, and we look forward to celebrating the season with these two new festive prints.


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