Our linen is the best, honestly.

We love our linen, and for much more than its natural beauty and breezy ease. Field to fiber, we infuse care and kindness into every timeless design for your home. Our heirloom linen is woven from the finest European fibers and is made by experienced artisans, to create treasured pieces that last. And there’s so much more to know…


From Mother Nature, with love.

All our superior linen is sourced from certified EUROPEAN FLAX with a guarantee of traceability for linen fiber grown in Western Europe. In addition, it’s cultivated with no (or very low) irrigation and is GMO-free, for sustainability from the start.


Linen made by artists

Portugal has a heritage of weaving linen that goes back generations. We partner with Portuguese artisans with 40+ years of experience, supporting the trade, keeping the craft alive, and producing uniquely exceptional products. Our partners’ knowledge of the raw materials and their expertise in spinning processes produce premium linen — and their passion translates into the highest quality in every detail and every stitch.


It’s all about the details.

There’s a craft to making linen. Our premium linen is woven by expert textile artisans driven by the highest standards. We use a special spinning method to create a relaxed fiber that’s incredibly comfortable — and gets softer with each wash. In addition, our dyes and the hollow core of the flax fiber ensure long-lasting color in the richest, deepest hues.


Less is so much more.

Our linen is as pure as possible. We intentionally avoid artificial softeners to use fewer chemicals and to maintain the fiber’s inherent durability. Our linen is also OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100 Certified to make sure harmful substances didn’t find their way into the final product during the production process. The result: Garnet Hill linen is the most honest and most luxurious linen you can find anywhere.