Handmade for the holidays: our tradition of hand-knit stockings

Explore the magic behind our hand-knit stockings. Crafted in a family-run facility with over 40 years of expertise, our stockings are the perfect way to get ready for the holidays! These artisans have made our stockings for 20 years and counting, using time-honored techniques to ensure quality in every stitch and detail.


Truly special right down to the last stitch

Our handcrafted stockings embody everything we love about the holiday season: the merriest of colors, whimsical original designs, and meticulous details with nods of nostalgia and homespun charm. Every stocking is made from pure wool kindly collected and responsibly sourced from Himalayan sheep to ensure the finest fibers and enduring quality. Each design is hand-knit by women artisans and takes 30–40 hours to create. Unlike the fabrication of machine-made stockings, the passion and intricate handwork involved in creating each of these hand-knit stockings makes every one truly special and unique.


The Process

There’s a personal story behind every stocking…

Since our partner is a small, family-run business, they are committed to taking care of their employees. The knitters are women who work from their homes, allowing them to be there for their families while earning an income.

Many of the women opt to knit together, sharing meals, building communities, and fostering lifelong friendships while they work. Even their children enjoy playing together while their mothers knit. As a result, many of these artisans have been knitting our stockings for over 10 years — some are celebrating over 20 years of beautiful craftsmanship.


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