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From Peru, for Peru: a powerful force for positive change

At Garnet Hill, we work with talented artisans from around the world who create exceptional pieces we’re excited to share with you. Our partner in Peru weaves high-quality garments using local and natural fibers like alpaca and organic cotton — and that’s just part of the story! They teach local women the art of weaving, empowering them to transform their lives as well as their communities.


Weaving a better life

Several decades ago, our partner Jessica worked in the alpaca yarn industry, igniting her passion for Peruvian fibers. Jessica recognized the entrepreneurial spirit among women in the Andean Mountain communities and — fueled by her vision to improve the lives of women experiencing poverty and violence — she started a business to help Peruvian women earn a living through weaving.


Changing 500 lives — and counting

Peru has a heritage of artisan weaving with natural fibers. Our partner trains women in this art form and operates under the belief that education, purpose, and opportunities are the keys to achieving lasting change for women and their communities. This commitment to social welfare has developed a successful business that employs more than 500 female weavers in Peru.


A valued partner to us — and to many

These female weavers have earned a reputation for excellence in every step of the process, from innovative designs to finishing touches. As sought-after collaborators, they work with global companies like Garnet Hill that value their in-depth knowledge, natural fibers, and exceptional products.

Beyond the business

In 2003, our partner started a foundation to implement programs and activities that positively impact the well-being of the surrounding communities. In addition to providing technical training and childcare, the foundation helps with housing, food, clothing, and medicine for more than 3,000 locals.


A leading example

These weavers work as a family, driven by values of respect, equality, trust, integrity, justice, honesty, and consistency. Together, they’re on a mission to demonstrate the power of positive change to the textile and fashion industry. We’re proud to work with them and to be a small part of that positive change.

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