Expert artisans make our exceptional European flannel

Family and flannel are what started Garnet Hill in 1976. Our quest to create the finest flannel led us to a family-run mill in Germany with a reputation for producing exceptional textiles.

The company has now been a valued partner for more than three decades, and their expert artisans consistently craft flannel with the heirloom quality and cozy touch that is synonymous with our sleepwear and Signature Flannel Bedding. We’re excited to tell you more about them!



Like one big family

We align with companies and craftspeople that share our passion for natural fibers and high-quality standards as well as our commitment to important issues like worker well-being and environmental impacts. Our German flannel partner treats its 500+ employees like family, with the average employee tenure running 20-25 years, and some employees retiring after 45 years. Many start out as apprentices and work their way up, training on sophisticated equipment with years of hands-on experience to become highly skilled craftspeople.

The Process

From the past, for the future

The company has been around since 1885, but they employ state-of-the-art manufacturing systems and run their operations with a forward-thinking emphasis on social responsibility, conservation of resources, fair contact with stakeholders, and transparency. In addition, they’re certified as a Climate Neutral company, a status achieved through decades of investment in renewable energy with its photovoltaic system — they even have their own power plant to produce 80% of their power.



Cozy is only part of the appeal

People have come to know, love, and expect our substantial, all-cotton flannel to be the finest around. Here’s a secret: it takes years of development to perfect and give our Signature Flannel Bedding the right nap. Nap is the raised fuzziness of the fabric that makes it so uniquely warm and comfy. Our German flannel partner uses the latest technology to make our flannel, and skilled craftspeople brush it on both sides to achieve its sublime feel.


You can rest assured with sustainable softness

Years ago, our German flannel partner introduced us to WECYCLED® yarns, an innovative option to reduce waste and make the most of our natural fibers. The certified sustainable process blends unused cotton remnants from existing items with new cotton from responsible suppliers. The fibers are spun into WECYCLED® yarn which reflects the highest quality standards to match those of the original flannel delivered at the start the production process. We are now using WECYCLED® yarn in all our Signature Solid Flannel Bedding. In addition, items crafted with our German flannel partner are OEKO-TEX® Certified, which means every component, down to the threads, has been tested for harmful substances to protect your health.


Signature Flannel Bedding was the very first product Garnet Hill created nearly 50 years ago, and it remains a favorite today. Through our heritage of dependable quality, natural fibers, and sustainable practices, we continue to craft the finest flannel you’ll find anywhere, for your home and your closet.


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