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Holiday Gifts for Kids of All Ages

Find memorable holiday gifts for kids in our collection of cute pajamas, colorful bedding, cozy blankets, and whimsical character-themed slippers. These high-quality but playful options make perfect presents for little ones and big kids alike. Wrap up warm, comfortable bedding and send them off to sleep with sweet dreams; our kids' bedding features whimsical prints, glow-in-the-dark accents, and other playful details to fire up a child's vibrant imagination, along with sophisticated options for tweens and teens. Create a holiday gift tradition for the kids in your family when you surprise them with matching pajamas and slippers to open on Christmas Eve or to wear throughout Hanukkah. A blanket makes a great gift for cuddling, while snow globes and other festive accents capture the magical spirit of the season. Make their holidays merry and bright with inspired gifts for kids from Garnet Hill.