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Eco-Friendly Organic-Cotton Clothing for Women

Browse the Organic Cotton Shop at Garnet Hill: Find soft and eco-friendly organic-cotton clothing for women, including tops, dresses, pants, and loungewear. Soft, breathable, and environmentally conscious, our organic cotton is grown without the use of chemicals or pesticides, so it’s kind for the planet and comfortable for you. Browse the shop and find pretty button-front blouses and relaxed tees, organic-cotton jeans and comfortable knit pants, and jackets and cardigans in favorite silhouettes. Our selection includes organic-cotton dresses in casual, flattering designs, and vests, coats, and other outerwear to keep you warm on chilly days. From tops to leggings, our organic-cotton clothing is anything but basic: Ruffles, pleats, contrasting trim, and other thoughtful details elevate each eco-friendly piece into a wardrobe staple with plenty of style. Rest comfortably in organic-cotton pajamas from our most popular sleepwear collections, or slip into organic-cotton loungewear or leggings for lazy days at home. The Organic Cotton Shop also includes a variety of robes to layer over pajamas or loungewear for all-season comfort. For the best eco-friendly clothing for women, browse The Organic Cotton Shop at Garnet Hill.