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Cashmere Scarves, Hats & Socks

Browse beautiful and high-quality cashmere accessories for women, including scarves, socks, and hats to keep you warm and comfortable in any season. Our classic Cashmere Wrap adds timeless allure that suits any occasion, whether you're staying warm while working from home or accessorizing evening wear for a dressy night out. A lightweight cashmere scarf serves as a fashionable accent no matter the weather, while thicker options keep you cozy when temperatures fall. Find ribbed cashmere gloves or mittens, hats, and headbands in sophisticated solid hues, or opt for traditional Fair Isle designs in eco-friendly recycled cashmere. Our collection also includes cozy cashmere socks in two-tone patterns or classic solid colors. Coordinate pieces to create the perfect thoughtful gift, or stock up on several options to match your mood for the day. All of our cashmere accessories are made from the finest Mongolian cashmere using eco-friendly processes to guarantee exceptional softness, quality, and sustainability.