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Women’s One- & Two-Piece Swimsuits

Browse our Swimwear Collection to find swimsuits for women in flattering one- and two-piece silhouettes, made in favorite solid colors and exclusive prints. From retro-inspired designs to sporty silhouettes, we include options to suit your oceanfront or poolside personality. Active one-piece swimsuits stay put whether you’re swimming laps or diving beneath the waves; swim shirts, board shorts, and swim skirts offer coverage to suit your comfort level. Mix and match bikini or tankini tops and swimwear bottoms to find the pairing that feels right and flatters you best. Ruching, pleats, and flowy fabrics add an element of feminine appeal to our high-quality swimwear for women. Opt for a solid on top and patterned swim bottoms for appealing contrast, or choose a matching print for every piece to enjoy perfectly coordinated waterfront style. All of our women’s swimwear is made from stretchy, sun-safe fabrics for impressive comfort and durability, so you can wear your favorite pieces season after season.