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Cashmere, Cotton & Wool Sweaters for Women

Browse Garnet Hill women’s sweaters in linen, cashmere, cotton, and merino wool to find light or cozy layers for just-right coverage in any season. Comfortable cardigans and cotton pullover sweaters in soft neutral hues and bold, elegant colors offer cozy warmth and elevate your favorite leggings and denim; sweaters in breezy linen promise three-season versatility, and merino cardigans bring all-year appeal. Browse V-neck, turtleneck, and crewneck styles and discover figure-flattering options to keep in constant rotation. Delight in the unparalleled comfort of Garnet Hill cashmere wraps -- must-haves for any woman’s closet. Lightweight, downy cashmere resists pilling so your open-front cardigan sweater or flowing ruana remains a favorite for years. When you prefer a slim silhouette, our cashmere turtleneck is a classic look. The soft, beautiful fabrics and thoughtful designs in all our sweaters and wraps will instantly refresh any wardrobe: Dress up jeans with a classic pointelle sweater, pair chino trousers with a relaxed French terry cardigan, or layer a merino wool cardigan or sweater over favorite bottoms for elevated style and indulgent warmth and comfort. For appealing options that accompany you from workdays to weekends, discover chic styles, casual layers, and everything in between in women’s sweaters at Garnet Hill.