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Women’s Pajamas, Slippers & Robes for Comfort in Every Season

Find cozy and flattering women’s sleepwear sets and separates including exquisitely comfortable cotton pajamas, nightgowns, robes, and slippers at Garnet Hill. Browse our Asian Wrap Sleepwear Collection -- a mainstay at Garnet Hill -- that features satisfying, soft organic-cotton pajamas throughout the seasons. Select coordinated sets of women’s pajamas for easy choices or mix and match separates for the right warmth in any weather. Relaxed-fitting, flattering sleepwear is just right for lounging and settling into a good night’s rest. Discover knit nightgowns made with breathable fabrics for seasons-spanning comfort, and reach for our 100% cotton flannel pajama sets for extra warmth in cooler months, featuring new and unique patterns each year. Indulge your feet in our cashmere or wool slippers for women, and let each cushioned step soften your mood as nighttime falls. Whether the calendar calls for light and barely-there, or thick and warm, find it in our selection of women’s robes. From classic sleep shirts and pajama pants, to floral-printed PJs, impeccably designed and crafted Garnet Hill sleepwear for women makes your downtime supremely cozy and comfortable.