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Pants, Jeans & Leggings for Women

Our collection of pants for women includes effortless options for style and comfort, from ponte knit pants to classic jeans to leggings. Our comfortable, versatile pants are wardrobe essentials made for days at the office, running errands, or exploring a new city. We include silhouettes that span the spectrum, from elegant wide-leg trousers and ankle-length pants and jeans, to athleisure-style bottoms that transition effortlessly from the couch to the café. Our figure-flattering jeans are made with high-quality denim and feature timeless and on-trend designs to dress up or down as the day demands; throughout the collection look for organic cotton with a bit of stretch for comfort. Light-wash cropped jeans lend vintage-inspired appeal to an everyday aesthetic, dark-wash denim pulls double duty for casual days at the office and out-on-the-town venues, and laid-back boyfriend jeans serve as the cornerstone of any comfortable weekend wardrobe. Pair our stretchy, forgiving cotton leggings with your favorite tunic top for a casual look and supreme comfort on busy days. Women’s pants in seasonal fabrics -- think lightweight linen for warm summer days, or cozy corduroy when temperatures fall -- make versatile options in your year-round wardrobe. Browse Garnet Hill pants for women and find the styles that speak to your tastes.