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Lightweight Jackets & Cozy Coats for Year-Round Comfort

Our selection of women’s coats and jackets includes refined and casual options in outerwear ideal for work or play in any season. Find moto-inspired leather and classic jean jackets to add edgy or enduring style to favorite everyday looks, and chic knit blazers and drapey jackets to elevate casual pieces for the office. A timeless trench coat offers an effortless aesthetic to dress up or down as you wish, while cozy quilted jackets, coats, and vests make ideal layers for fall’s cool days and chilly nights. Reach for a casual women’s field jacket to carry you from autumn straight through to winter, or choose a wool coat in an asymmetrical design or classic lapel collar as a refined option when the season’s chill sets in. Coats and jackets in rich, neutral solid colors complement any outfit, while patterned fabrics add a pop of interest to familiar silhouettes. Whether you’re looking for a lightweight jacket to wear over dresses or tees when temperatures dip or a heavy down puffer coat for warmth all winter long, you’ll find name-brand outerwear alongside Garnet Hill exclusives in our collection of women’s coats and jackets.