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Women’s Clothing, Accessories & Sleepwear

Browse our women’s fashion collection to find dresses, pants, sweaters, and other essentials or statement pieces, plus sleepwear and accessories to love. We craft our women’s clothing from the finest natural fibers so you can enjoy comfort and elegance every day. Fill your closet with comfortable but elegant women’s pants and tops to mix and match for myriad style opportunities. Find casual joggers, women’s jeans, and ponte pants ideal for the office or at home, along with swingy or tailored shirts for women, cotton or TENCEL® tees, and tunics or tank tops for any-season, any-reason wear. Our figure-flattering women’s skirts and dresses come in knee-length, midi, and maxi silhouettes and versatile styles to suit a variety of occasions. Find sweatshirts, jackets, coats, and other outerwear for three-season comfort, or slip into loungewear and sleepwear in supremely soft fabrics, exclusive prints, and refined colors for lazy days at home. Browse favorite cashmere wraps, sweaters, and cardigans to wear as indulgent layers on chilly days, or find linen dresses, pants, and tops perfect for breezy warm-weather style. Whether you’re looking for casual athleisure wear or more elevated clothing options, you’ll find exclusive Garnet Hill clothing along with options from top designers, including EILEEN FISHER. Each piece in our women’s fashion collection is comfortable but polished for anywhere, anytime wear. Complete your wardrobe with on-trend women’s clothing from Garnet Hill.